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Three methods:

1. Comms: Buy full pieces at a vendor with elite/ultimate comms that have the mod/enhancement you want. Generally you can only get best-in-slot mods this way (except for tanks, who have a rougher time of it), unless the enhancement you want is the power-alacrity one, which is available from jedi knight leggings.

2. Operations drops (or HM flashpoint drops for 69's): Either grab extra tokens and turn them in at the vendor for some piece (maybe not from your class) that has the right mod/enhancement, or sometimes you'll get nice verpine or black market drops from bosses as well that have good mods/enhancements in them.

3. Get them crafted: The mats are pricey, but you should be able to find a crafter for just about any mod/enhancement who's willing to trade it for mats.