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Hi guys, i am passing on a message from 'Obiray' as he has quit the game.

obiray is the original founder of the ancient tome. he also said F*** YOU for not giving him any credit in his video and 4days after he uploaded it you then created this thread. heres his exploration video - the second jump is where the ancient tome is. (also watch his other swtor videos )

aside from that he is still willing to help you with working this out and here is his idea of what it might be...

theres a codex called the 'history of tatooine' its about a forgotten war that has wiped out a whole race but no one can recall the war... my idea is that the tome has the story of what actually happened in the war 30,000 years ago - hence ANCIENT tome.

what made this more clear for me... ive seen multiple threads saying that the 'history of tatooine' codex does not exist in the game yet or the codex is bugged. lol but these people dont know about the ancient tome. so here i am putting 2 and 2 together. ill be passing this message onto the codex threads to get more people on board for this.

the only other thing i could find with ancient things on tatooine were the 'ancient sand demons' heres a quick paragraph of info about them...

By the time of the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, sand demons were well-known among the natives of their homeworld Tatooine, though they were largely shrouded in myths and legends. Grainy satellite images and the stories of Tatooine's nomads prevented the rest of the galaxy from dispelling sand demons as an outright myth, and almost all attempts to learn more about the creatures ended in disaster. The Tusken Radiers believed the sand demons absorbed their victims' life essence in order to strengthen themselves, and the Raiders made cave paintings of ancient sand demons that had supposedly survived for centuries through this process—sand demons who were believed to be immune to any injury.[4] The mercenary Kord Murdok hunted sand demons for a time on Tatooine,[7] and the Demon's Blood ritual was a tradition that had existed for generations,[1] though by the time of the Cold War it was no longer well-known.[3] For the ritual, members of the Jedi Order who were seeking enlightenment would track a sand demon out into the deserts in order to anoint themselves with its blood, and those Jedi who successfully returned then visited the Tusken Raiders in order to learn their own unique path to self-discovery.[1]

this is just a second alternative and if it was related to the sand demons then i believe that the ancient tome would relate to the 'seed of rage' and it somehow might activate the tome. i know nothing about these new quests as i dont play the game anymore.

IMO dont get your hopes up on a secret boss because its probably just a lore object for a codex. but lets hope im wrong for your sake

sorry i cant help with the physical part of activating the tome, although i did follow that 'well fed womp rat' around on tatooine for an hour... he runs past every vendor in outlaws den but you cant agro him to pull him towards the vendors, you have to wait for him to get there. also if you stand too far away from the womp rat then he will stop running and stand still. in the past people have tried giving all 3 buffs to the womp rat maybe theres another step involved to make something happen.

any other questions probably best to contact me on youtube.