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Weekly Quest on PTS said:

Recommended Gear level:
Story Mode: Item Rating 156
Hard Mode: Item Rating 162

So would guess from that maybe a new set bonus for 72 (SM) / 75 (HM)

Gearing people into 75's ready for next NiM progression
True and the new nightmare will be released as this the last update around december i think as a "Christmas present?"

I think you will find in the nightmare the new gear (77 oder 78ish), giving or 2-5% Players who already have actually cleared the current nightmare a little headstart in optimizing ther 75ish gear. In the German Community at least you can count the guilds who can farm more than bracers and belts with the 10 fingers of your hand. I would say that more than half of the active raiding guilds hasnīt even cleared darvanis and asation hard mode yet. They donīt need to do the big jumps they had to do with Denova due to the much smaller group of people beeing full 72 or let alone full 75 in comparison to Rakata at that time

+ I think 75ish will be reconstructable in October or November (or December whenever the 77ish gets available), would like to see them continue the itemspiralmethod they used, with the 55 operation, giving the best gear only to some in the "Nightmare" and making it avaible to all in the "normal progression" aka Hardmode when releasing new PvE Operations.