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08.26.2013 , 04:50 PM | #64
everything about this is great... i would add more stuff to the Raid feature... for example Tank is awesome, for self tank, but me as a raid leader would love to have this numbers myself, in other words... raid tab has really small info in regards of everything, just basic this, this and this, would love to be able to MicroManage everyones action, like old school WoW and other MMO addons had.. i know swtor make it more difficult, but pretty sure this is what everyone "wants" and is waitting from a parser... i want to be a raid leader and see, why the **** is my tank dieing? dmg taken click, tank, click... total dmg, absorb, shield etc... heals Done, select, oh **** this sorc healer is not using his static barrier at all?... adjust...

Let me put it in other words, if you want to make the BEST parser, this is good, better than torparse some points, it just lacks leaderboards + uploads which is 99% of the reason i use torparse, besides that, i think all the raiding community is expecting a parser where you in a group, can see what everyone is doing, from my parser, noo need to uploads, no need to ask.. Tank dmg taken, click, view... tank healing taken, click View.. u got hit by reticle, healer is not using his shield, Op is not using his HoTs... stuff like that, i want to be able to have an easy way to micro manage the raid group to help them improve, or them helping me improve... if u add an easy way to do that like old school MMO Addons, you will be our Heroes....
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