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08.26.2013 , 09:24 AM | #88
I'm not in favor of this change. I'm not against changing laze target to do something else, but anything that makes the CD longer I am NOT for. I don't care if it's more helpful for duels, or team death matching i.e. arenas that I'll be only marginally participating in going forward.

I hate the fact our target acquired is on such a long CD. One minute is about the limit on my voluntary toleration of CDs. Take diversion, it's perfect imo. 6 sec affect (I'll use it to debuff melee DPS in a pinch too), 60 sec CD.
It's never always there, but it's usually there when I really need it.

Laze target as it is now is okay...but I really dislike waiting more then a minute for skills to become available. In a WZ that's an eternity.
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