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08.26.2013 , 07:29 AM | #19
Awesome night guys! Gave me a lot of hope for this game.

I would encourage as many people especially those living relatively close to Cologne( those in Germany ofc, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, UK and Denmark to come next year. There were EA colleagues from Germany and France who wanted to see their old colleagues again

With a small hundred people present with a hilarious Q&A the regular conversations were simply AWESOME. Unlike the live guildsummit a full year back, everybody with the exception of Mr. Schubert - saying he knew the answer but couldn't recall it atm - new their stuff.

Mr Musco trading epic PVP stories and just the way he talked about PVP, proved to me he just enjoys this game as we all do. His knowledge, his frustrations, his tactics, opinions were sincere and credible. There was an American stationed in Germany and they were just trading all the time.

Mr. Cory Butler; I love the guy. Seriously! He's just there, relaxing, mingling with the crowd( sometimes running off somewhere with no body knowing where to ^^) He doesn't give you exact specifics, but to any decision there is a explination that makes you not only understand but also agree with how they made it. Moreover, he shows you that he's on top of things within his field.
I'm not to sure if he plays the game as much as most of us do, but never say the guy isn't passionate about his job and his 'baby'? The guy is so enthousiatic about SWTOR as a person can be, note he's a producer and he needs to look at it from a different aspect too unlike most of us players who in general see it from one way.

Mr. Schubert, is a bit more timide and a lot more carefull about what he's gonna say. I guess he doesn't want to jynx anything. So I'm gonna leave it at that.

Anyway, it not only restored my faith in the game that night, I'm looking at it with a certainty - that if these people that keep up with what they are doing - that this game has a bright future.

I wish you guys had a good flight back home and again: Thanks

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