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Funny, even though Psirebral has playstyle that is good for this "HY2F" crap, he still posed those question about making sages/sorcs more even with Snipers/Maras, so even though he is an awesome player, he still feels there is room for improvement.
I mean, Maras and Snipers got answers that basically said "yeah, we are going to buff you guys even more", while Sorcs/Ptechs got "L2P noobs" answer... I think that is what people are mostly annoyed about.
Yes, I understand that (although, I'm pretty sure Psi's questions were what the community wanted to ask, not necessarily his own personal questions) and I'm not saying the reply we got was a good one or that there is no room for improvement. I'm just pointing out that what they said was not a lie. They never said, for instance, that we have the best defensive abilities in the game - that would've been a blatant lie. They pointed out that Sorcs can los and heal, which is true.
Don't get me wrong, it's still a dumb answer because the question wasn't about that and they seem to think that healing to full as a DPS is easy when you have no real defence and is not "cheap" in terms of Force, but their answer was more irrelevant than insulting.
It was like telling us we are a ranged class. We know that, but that wasn't the question.
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