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I think this "Heal to Full" thing is at the same time a very stupid response to a serious Sorc issue AND quite a stupid thing to get worked up about.

It's more of a cop out than a real response, but at the same time it doesn't mean it's not true - here's a video of Psirebral doing exactly that. A sniper cannot do that.


that "just heal to full" video was pure awesome sauce
Funny, even though Psirebral has playstyle that is good for this "HY2F" crap, he still posed those question about making sages/sorcs more even with Snipers/Maras, so even though he is an awesome player, he still feels there is room for improvement.
I mean, Maras and Snipers got answers that basically said "yeah, we are going to buff you guys even more", while Sorcs/Ptechs got "L2P noobs" answer... I think that is what people are mostly annoyed about.
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