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08.25.2013 , 08:33 PM | #80
I vote for "I want change but not this one so i'll stick with the current LT/SL."

While the changes the dev's suggested are cool, I wouldn't want them at the sacrifice of a 60 second cooldown. Illegal Mods/Target Acquired I see as our strong, long cooldown ability. Smuggler's Luck/Laze Target is more of a utility with the guaranteed critical hit and serves a moderate DPS boost. I've already stated my feelings about where I'd like to see Smuggler's Luck/Laze Target be, and I believe just adding/changing the attacks it effects is a horizontal progression or a step backwards.

I'd prefer for Laze Target to be diversified by the Sniper's skill trees to fit each build in terms of utility rather than just burst or just sustained DPS. NoTomorrow's initial suggestions are more appealing to me than what the dev's suggested. I am also not fond of the idea of improving the front damage of an auto-crit ability as the way critical rating scales versus power has many players running little to no crit, so auto-crit abilities a off-balanced right now.