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I am currently looking into this feature. I can't promise anything because SWTOR combat logs are notorious about abilities being out of order. I am not confident that I can count on the order of the enter stealth and exit combat events, which would be important in any solution to this problem.
Docmal -- Me and my Brother are currently writing our own open source parser. Recently I was notified that MoX handles the Scoundrel's Disappearing Act. I reversed engineered it and basically MoX watches for Disappearing Act and then sets a grace period (the period in my parser is set to 15 seconds) for you to enter back into combat, else it starts a new fight.

If you want to take a look at my implementation for the handling of Disappearing Act, I can PM you a link. I might need to change the requirement of the exit event being 100ms prior to DA though, if that's ever out of order.