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Something that just popped into my head which is possibly very OP and maybe not even programmable: make Laze Target put a debuff marker on your current target and your next Orbital Strike will track that target throughout its duration. This would obviously have a very long cooldown, probably 3 minutes or more.

In PVE, usefulness would vary from fight to fight, especially since many of the latest boss fights are very light on movement. It wouldn't help much in fights like Terror or Thrasher where you have one big enemy, but against smaller moving targets like Cartel Warlords, Dread Guards, and EC Kephess it would be helpful, though not necessarily a DPS gain.

PVP is where I worry most about it being OP. Being able to avoid AoE's is a fundamental element of PVP and if suddenly the strongest AoE in the game is tracking you, that could cause a lot of problems.Perhaps making it tech cleansable would assuage this issue.

Paowee, I guess put me in the "undecided/abstain" camp. I agree that LT needs some sort of change, but a longer cooldown for just another auto-crit is unappealing to me.
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