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The problem isn't laze target/Smuggler's luck, its the ability to do on demand burst when a sniper/gunslinger wants to. Instead, the ability should be changed to better reflect the spec you are running (so basically a stance/cell in a way).

Laze target/smuggler's luck should be modified based on the spec you are running, and obtained only at the top tier of that tree. So for example, at the top of MM is the ability Sniper Volley, getting this ability also grants the ability "laze target", which gives a nice offensive that is based on the spec

So for Marksmen, you are suppose to high single target burst, so allow laze target to increase your crit change by 30% for 5 secs and increases your range by 5m. (Or something along these lines that would be balanced and fair)
(Another option would be, you cant LOS a sniper for a short time, so hiding behind a pillar would be pointless)

For Engineering, make laze target add an extra set of two cluster bombs on a target that explode along side the normal 4 you get from explosive probe, this allows for some extra nice burst for the spec. You could even make those two special cluster bombs be automatic crits.

For lethality, make it so when you use cull, cull adds an extra bleed effect on the target, allowing cull to inflict damage for 3 dots instead of 2. Once again this creates nice single target burst for the class.

For all these new uses for laze target, laze target should have 2 min cd.

So I'm in favoring of laze target need a change, but not in the way bioware proposes cause it still doesn't fix the problem of on demand burst.
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