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Well yeah, we take whatever we can grab. But i really really don't know if guaranteeing an ambush to crit every 2,5 minutes or so really useful to us. It's at best some extra 3000 damage out there. And in PvP we might as well just have your ambush reflected, deflected, missing, interrupted by diversion, stuns and who knows what.

I have a gripe with current snipe in the game. I don't like this double snipe business they did with MM for ambush reactive shots and FT resets. The second snipe will always be hard casted if the first one is snap shotted. And this is something that just drives me mad.

One more thing: how often we find ourselves paying one GCD for shatter shot incovenient for our rotation in PvP? I have this situation quite often.
This is better than a 4000 Snipe every 1 minute, if you remember to use it, on an ability that always critically hits in the first place.


Laze Target scenario:
1.5 sec 8000 ambush - 6000 followthrough in 1.5 seconds is better than
1.5 sec 4000 snipe - 1.5 sec 4000 snipe - 6000 followthrough in 3 seconds
The Lazed Target ambush is a better on-demand reliable BURST DPS combo than what our current Laze Target can ever be.

This thread is not a discussion for what individuals want for Laze Target, but finding out which one among us wants to KEEP THE OLD LAZE TARGET , and which one among us WANTS IT CHANGED AS PER BW's OWN SUGGESTION.

This is a perfect and nice change ideal for burst and burn phases.

Kephess The Undying, Dread Master Styrak post Ghost Dragon, etc
Relic + Adrenal + Marauder buffed automatic crit on Ambush for Marksman, on EP for Engineering, and TD for Lethality. Not an astronomical buff, nor should we ask for one, but at least Laze Target is more usual for other specializations (not just MM). Plus it would be nice to see back to back Ambush crits.

Dread master styrak
Snipe snipe ft - ambush (crit) ft - sos ft
Snipe snipe ft - lazed ambush (crit) ft - sos ft
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