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How about we be more creative?
Make laze target upgrade your next Shatter Shot or Legshot damage to that of a Snipe, make ability itself count as a snipe for purposes of FT proccing.
The problem with Snipers is they are a fairly weak class in PvP.
Now, I can hear even weaker classes complaining. Yes. But people rolled snipers just to be PvP DPS... and if you look at top Arena compositions, none of them include snipers. Powertechs are represented even , but no snipers.

Snipers don't need more creative tricks. They have plenty of tricks... just that no one cares about tricks.
What snipers need, especially with the advent of Arena PvP, is to be the class with top single target burst.

In all other regards, Marauders and Juggs are simply so much better. They are far tougher, they protect you instead of needing protection, they disrupt the enemy instead of trying to defend against disruption. A sniper brings nothing to a deathmatch team that already has Juggs or Maras as DPS.
As of todays, Maras and Juggs also have better burst with their Smash attack. They are strictly superior.

It shouldn't be nerfed. Smashers is the only thing with a chance to actually kill opponents on a ranked team. And high-end PvP can use more killing.
What should be done is Sniper PvP burst to be powered up beyond what a Warrior can deliver. This comes at great expense of being single target instead of AoE, and being delivered by a fragile stationary class instead of an unstoppable leaper.

With all that in mind, I would propose that Laze Target increases the critical chance of your next attack by 100% and makes it, at least, ignore Guard. Preferably outright make it so that your next attack can not be dodged, mitigated, or intercepted.

Of course with an exception for complete immunity type boss shields. It won't be OP, it's just one shot in 2-3 minutes. But at least making it ignore Guard will give Snipers that special something in PvP that will make them worth consideration, with zero impact on PvE. And PvP can use a counter to guarded healers, because if in 8v8 you can at least burn down the tank, in 4v4 you can't do even that.
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