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How about we be more creative? I would like laze target to give us versatilty in the way how we play our sniper.

Laze target upgrades your next Shatter Shot or Legshot damage to that of a Snipe, the ability itself will count as a snipe for purposes of FT proccing.

This way you don't waste 1 GCD for just a debuff or root, you are doing actual damage with it, and it's instant.

45s CD is probably ok. This way you can have some more mobile DPS while applying shattershot/legshot. And it's useful to every spec!

Paowee, would you like your legshots to do 4000 damage?
As cool as that would be, it doesn't really help pve too much, just gives us a cheaper snipe, altho the mobility would be nice. I'd love this in pvp tho

As far as the 3 sec of 30% crit chance goes tbh I don't really like it. Something like that just mixes things up too much and I feel wouldn't be even between the specs.

On one hand you get MM's boosted SoS and FT

Engi is say imidiately after PP with SoS, so you get a couple of the initial ticks of PP, reg SoS and all the ER ticks that join in the fun, but u gotta get the timing right so u may have to delay this to wait for the long CDs

And finally for lethality and hybrid we would get a cull, with that whole volcano of dots that follow, and dam all those crits would hurt.

I wouldn't know what to say, would be nice but certainly not necessary