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Hey Snipers!

Laze Target does leave a bit to be desired. As you stated in the question, Snipers already deal some of the highest, most consistent damage in the game, so any change to Laze Target would likely come at a price. For example, we could consider changing Laze Target to increase the critical hit chance of your next Ambush, Explosive Probe, or Takedown by 100% (instead of Snipe) – but would you really want that change if it meant that another minute or two were added to Laze Target’s cooldown?
Time to answer their question. So which one will you pick?

Laze Target 1 min cooldown
Auto-crit on next Snipe
Laze Target between 2 and 3 min cooldown
Auto-crit on next
Ambush (MM) or
Explosive Probe (Engineering) or
Takedown (Lethality)
This is a welcome change imo that makes Laze Target slightly more interesting in that it affects different abilities depending on what spec you run. BW might consider making this change but they will have to increase its cooldown by at least 100% if this pushes through


152% participation
(counting the number of "legit" snipers/slingers in this thread)


I want LT/SL to affect abilities specific to the 3 specs at the cost of increased cooldown
  1. paowee / B'oard
  2. lordahl
  3. cjnj
  4. b-dick
  5. falver
  6. lucky
  7. telanis
  8. mathegmaica
  9. shyroman
  10. kowabonga
  11. masterjacer
  12. darthrunkmonkey
  13. jetreaperz
  14. grimsblood
  15. greg_biochem
  16. Atom_boy
  17. bryceskate
  18. kvandertulip
  19. kingofbob
  20. scytheleven
  21. ziggytank
  22. tipndip
  23. casitas
  24. jboone
  25. solarbreeze
  26. GalnarDegana
  27. ardarelsolo
  28. loveeternal
  29. johnpickard
  30. yindaka
  31. captCody
  32. lord_Viro
  33. carbonmerid
  34. ardarelsolo
  35. vaidinah
  36. arctyc
  37. kenjer
  38. pilgrim_grey
  39. fridge_LM
  40. BKVsDragonCowboy

I want LT/SL to remain as is: Snipe only and a 1 minute cooldown
  1. forsakenking
  2. flyburito
  3. Svii
  4. islander
  5. schooch

I want to see some changes to LT/SL but not this one
  1. notomorrow
  2. thejanitor
  3. phoenixfyre
  4. artikulerien
  5. angelfluttershy
  6. zetaaz
  7. samuela
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