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I'm not following you here. shroud is 3-5s. what's giving them 12s of immunity?
Ah, you are right, sorry. Literally, my assassin was my 8th 50, so I do not remember as many of his skills very well. I mixed up the durations for Force Shroud and Deflection (which btw, is a another great skill that Vanguards don't have something similar like Guardians do with Saber Ward).

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You've convinced me bansky. wildstar can't be worse than this.
The Wildstar devs actually really love their players. A Massively article came out that gave a bad review to Wildstar (for unfair reasons like not being about to change keybinds at a demo, since they turned it off for the demo). The first three posts were rather vitriolic from fans of the game as they protested the unfair conclusions, and the fourth post was the Community Manager of Wildstar calling for civility saying that they appreciated all feedback, including bad reviews, so they could make a better game. My jaw flipping hit the floor.

This is only one example of many of the Wildstar team taking care of their fans long before they are customers. Check out my podcast at for more examples even. We pretty much have something like this to talk about every week.
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