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excuse me please stop spamming this garbage, pts are incredibly underpowered compared to sorcs. pts cant even heal themselves to full, only to 30%. that is so underpowered. sorcs need a nerf while pts need a slight buff so they can actually heal themselves to full. meanwhile THE MARAUDER needs to be completely buffed as it cant even heal itself to full a little bit!
Again, If you heal to full the MARAUDER will get scared. They are cowards and will atk you only if you are below 50%. L2P, and don't forget LOS; .

PTs, have perception problem. They think they have dps trees. They don't. They have good tank tree (shield tech), mediocre tank tree (AP) and weak tank tree (pyro). You want to dps you have to change your "perception" and roll the MARAUDER.

This message is brought to you buy BW devs. Not really but could be.