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08.24.2013 , 11:16 AM | #106
I know that by saying this, I am going to get flamed, called an idiot or probably other choice words...but:

Grow up guys.

I view myself as an active member of PT/VG community, and while I feel your pain, I also recognize that acting like children will get us nothing. Repeatedly posting "perception problem" in red/white/blue that takes up an entire page is not how we want to be viewed.

Am I frustrated with the combat team's responses? You bet. But if we want to be taken seriously, we need to act seriously. Ever wonder why Shadow/Sin tanks got the response from BioWare a few weeks back stating that their complaints about spike damage in NiM operations were under review? It's because they presented their thoughts/opinions with data/metrics, not just "I can't kill healers anymore in PVP and in PVE no one likes my class!"

In all honesty, our questions were terrible. Even mine, which was the 2nd question, was worded terribly. I couldn't read question 1 and 3 without getting lost. How can we expect rational answers when we give them irrational questions? I'm not solely blaming mrfourcustom here. In general, the VG/PT community was very poor at getting organized for this window of opportunity.

We still have our Powertech questions coming up in October. Let's learn from this, and come better prepared next time.