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Spent some time parsing on the dummy with the program, looks great, feels solid, appears to be just as accurate as it's competitors, and I LOVE the fact that I don't have upteen billion windows to alt-tab through and try keep on top (TorpArse).

However, I am curious about the possibility of the abilities to,
One: be able to clip a parse within the combat log section to specific time increments.

Two: to upload, with a button in-program because some of my guildies are lazy, to a socially accessible site for submission and review for DPS/HPS/Progression Leaderboards.

Three: to have a list of users currently connected to a Raid Group, either through another tab, through a pop-out, or both, to make sure that everyone is connected properly prior to the pull.

Even without these three things, I am very, very excited to test and use this program, and hope to see the power of open source crush all competition!
1) Try the PVP Stat Stopwatch pop out! Its purpose is to begin tracking combat statistics from the time the start button is clicked to when it is stopped - giving you running totals across combat events. I should really rename this since it is not just usefull for PVP

2) I would love to integrate with existing services such as TorParse. I am not sure how open their service is/will be though.

3) This feature was in development before release and was not ready, however, it is included in the update I published today! The user list is updated in combat, and every ~30 seconds outside of combat. Also there is a button to refresh the list manually
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