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In short, this is a perception problem, and it is one that you admit didnít exist when Assault Specialist dealt more damage. When Assault Specialist damage goes up, will this perception issue go away? If not, weíll address the issue, but we arenít looking to make massive improvements that would only tip the scales in the other direction.
It's not a perception problem.

When my Pyro PT did more damage I was worth taking to an Op. I didn't have very much group utility, and I didn't have much in the way of defensive skills/traits to mitigate damage, but I did a lot of damage. Enough damage to match the top damage output of other DPS class/specs, so I was able to come on that character. That's not the case any one brings a Pyro PT to any Op or FP in my guild. Powertechs tank or they gather dust.

When my Pyro PT did more damage it was also worth playing in PvP. Even after the range reduction on several skills it was still worth playing. I could line up very strong burst, and my DoTs (if they didn't get cleansed) did decent damage. My one defensive CD was usually enough to get a solo kill, or to live long enough in the scrum to take someone down with me, and it could be traited to lower the cool down every time I was attacked. That's not the case any more. My DoT damage has been greatly reduced, and my burst is a shell of its former self. My one defensive CD has been gutted as well as the trait that improved it has been moved to a different skill tree. My Pyro PT doesn't PvP any more either.

There is a big difference between a perception problem and "I do one thing well enough to overlook my shortcomings in other areas". I no longer do enough DPS as a Pyro to overlook my shortcomings, so it sits unused.