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I've written a ticket to the CS, not to ask for any help for the puzzle, but to ask if it is a puzzle at all or only a leftover. Unfortunately, the answer didn't help me that much.

Since i'm playing on a german server, i have to translate my ticket. I hope this doesn't break any rules. If it does, please notify me and i remove it. I'll skip any nonessential part. Please apologize if my english seems a bit (or very) odd, it isn't my native language.

At least, i'm more and more convinced, that there is indeed a puzzle and not a simple leftover. And i also believe, that it is already (or still) solvable and we don't have to wait for future patches.
This helps us more than you know....

I mean, come on. The Devs know of the Search on the Forums, they would have shut it down long ago if it was something we can't unlock... We're on to something here!!!!
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