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I play a Gunslinger. If a PT tried to take me on at range, I would laugh as I destroyed him. You literally just nerfed their range in the 2.4 PTS patch by requiring Rocket Punch instead of Flame Burst to start the DoT. I was there when you nerfed their range in 1.4 too. What the crap are you talking about? The PT is a melee class for all intents and purposes.
your logical. must...terminate.

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C) Shadows are basically immune to CC for 12 seconds every minute
I'm not following you here. shroud is 3-5s. what's giving them 12s of immunity?

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You realize this sounds incredibly arrogant and dismissive right? My momma would have slapped you for your tone.

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The Vanguard and Powertech communities (and for that matter the Sorc/Sage communities) deserve better than this.

You need to realize that you essentially said "it's all in your head" to the PTs/Vanguards and "L2P" to the Sorcs/Sages. This is a PR nightmare for you. I suggest you get your crap together before the PT and Sage questions. This community is simply responding to your call for questions, and while I appreciate the work you put into the questions that Paowee and I got together for Snipers (mostly Paowee), I think you did not apply the same effort to these questions. Even as Gunslinger rep, I feel that the class most deserving of answers is the Vanguard/Powertech. I feel bad that the questions we worked on got so much attention for a class that is doing rather well, while this underperforming, bleeding-players-left-and-right class did not get as much attention. I would recommend you try again with this group or apologize for coming off like arrogant know-it-alls that are trolling your devoted fanbase.

I'm...sorry....I can't....BW...seriously.

You've convinced me bansky. wildstar can't be worse than this.
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