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That would be great. Afaik Static Barrier / Force Armor absorbs a "set" amount of damage. The min-maxers can just multiply that by their Force armor count (?) and say.. add that to their total healing done for comparison.
Well it isnt really a set amount. Assuming you have +10% from the tk tree, then your formula is something close to (healing bonus) * 3.6 + 2015 (assuming rank 6). And of course then you are also assuming it is full used each cast, which is not always the case. This also changes during the fight based upon factors such as, did my serendipitous assault relic proc ? or am I currently using a Triage adrenal (or even attack adrenal since the healing penalty does not apply to the amount absorbed by force armor) which increase the amount absorbed ? So even if you tracked everything, there would be a ton of extra communications and calculations required to add in "total absorbed" per player source and have it be accurate enough to be relevant.
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