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While I'm beyond pissed at the answers, it's not Courtney you should point the pitchforks at, she's merely relaying the information. It's the utterly clueless devs, who are too busy playing their Snipers, healops and Marauders to come here and take the discusion.
As a CS rep, you can/should refuse to publish garbage for your company. As a former professional in the industry, I have in the past, or told them I'm not publishing their words, fixing it, and I require X,Y,Z from them.

Hell even in my current project management position, I've told the CEO of the company no, because it would ruin my/our relationship with a client and that we could do better than that. I still work here a year+ later.

So no, she's not to blame, but unless she is literally a secretary...she has some responsibility in its content, language, and positioning. Not to mention, followup.
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