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Firstly, what a terrible first question from the PT/Van Community. Of course the Devs are going to waffle when you ask a stupid question like that and compare apples to oranges. What a waste of an opportunity to get some good feedback from the Devs.


We never intend for hybrids to outperform the 36-point builds, and this is exactly what we addressed in the 2.4 update. Players should now find that both Immolate and Thermal Detonator deal more damage than they did previously. In addition, the Pyrotech should see some of its burst make a return in 2.4. At your convenience, I highly encourage you to copy your Powertech over to the PTS and try out the new Advanced Prototype and Pyrotech builds, along with the hybrid builds. The 36 point builds should outperform the hybrids now.
If this truly is the case, then you guys are failing hard at AC balancing. Players are already pumping out parses on the PTS and Hybrids still rule. See this thread:


The most obvious reason is that the Burnout skill does not get its full effect on a target dummy, because a target dummy never falls below 30% health.
This is the worst Dev response possibly in the history of SWTOR class balance responses. Burnout does not carry the weight of making up the huge DPS gap with other pure DPS classes, especially Sniper/Slingers. There are a multitude of shortfalls with this explanation as pointed out in this thread:


2.4 is bringing a DPS upgrade to both Vanguard damage dealing specializations, as well as a burst upgrade for Assault Specialists and a harder-hitting Fire Pulse for Tactics.
As far as I'm aware, there has been a DPS upgrade for PT/Vans in 2.4. However, it has not raised the bar significantly for Burst. Up front damage on the capstone skills have been improved some, but not enough to compete with the burst potential of other DPS classes. Again, see this thread:

The questions from the PT/Van community were weak, but the Dev responses to them were absolutely clueless. Pretty disappointing.
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