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I was not impressed with the level of detail in these responses.

These read like third hand press statements. I'd much prefer several paragraphs of analytics than this schlock. Responding with either "yes, we agree with the premise of your question" or "no, we disagree with the premise of your question" is not helpful, informative, or useful.
Sorry, but these questions are awful. There are no analytics backing up the questions. There's just speculation and guesswork. So why would there be several paragraphs of analytics responding to that?

Most of these questions are just pointless too. For example, on the Sentinel/Marauder PVE question, the top question was how come Focus/Rage with its AOE focus doesn't do as much single target damage as the other two trees. Are you kidding me? One is an AOE focused tree and the other two are single-target focused trees. So people are wondering why the AOE focused tree doesn't also do as much single target damage as the other two trees? Ummm, isn't that obvious? There would be no point to having the other two trees if Focus/Rage was on par with them in single target damage AND had it's AOE damage capabilities. With the Sage/Sorcerers, people want these healing classes to keep all of their heals and then also have all of the defensive cooldowns that non-healing DPS classes have? That's ridiculous. Why don't we just give them the best DPS too...and the best tanking ability. Let's just create one superclass that's the best at everything while we're at it. For Vanguards/Powertechs, people basically want the DPS spec to be able to do burst damage on par with a Sentinel/Marauder or a Gunslinger/Sniper. People want the heavy armor wearing AC to do the same burst DPS output as the medium armor wearing AC's? Yeah, that would work out well. Let's just give Vanguards/Powertechs under the DPS tree the full survivability of a tank AND give them DPS output on par with the best DPS in the game. I can't believe that these are the sorts of questions that made the cut as the best, most-important questions.