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08.23.2013 , 03:18 PM | #10
So, Powertechs/vanguards are worst tanks and damage BECAUSE they can use 30m range auto attack and marauders and juggs cant? so in bioware's mind melee class with 30 meters auto attack and 2 more crap abilities that don't do damage is equal to juggernauths in tanking and marauders in damage? And the reason we ( powertechs) do absolutly crap damage is because of burnout skill?HOLY COW I FEEL LIKE BIOWARE TROLLS US, THERE IS NO OTHER REASON.
Once again powertechs are equal to juggernauth with 20 best in slot defensive cooldowns is ( ta-dam) because of autoatack and crap 400 damage shoulder cannon.

In damage trees Powertech is equal to best in slot classes because of people do not calculate burntout skill and bioware adds more burst on PTS by adding 200 damage on thermal detonator from dot to upfront damage.

HOLY COW,BIOWARE, DO U EVEN UNDERSAND YOUR OWN GAME?:rak_ 02::rak_02 :: rak_02::ra