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Wow, this post offers no real answers to any of the questions. Like many mentioned before if you are comparing our overall dps in "real" encounters there's plenty of other dps classes that get a dps gain when the target is below 30%, how is that even relevant to the issue?

I agree that we got some improvements for PVP in 2.4 but I think the PVE vanguards will still not be in a good spot. In all fairness this is gonna be hard for BW to balance right since it's not as easy as tweaking a few numbers, cause that in turn will efffect PVP aswell.

I would like to have BW re-evaluate what they could do to tweak shoulder cannon a bit to give it a better use in PVE though, since in truth for PVE it is kind of lackluster.

Kinda disappointed we waited so long for answers that are just ignoring the issues though. I feel for PVE vanguards in a raiding environment.
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