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08.23.2013 , 02:35 PM | #35
Spent some time parsing on the dummy with the program, looks great, feels solid, appears to be just as accurate as it's competitors, and I LOVE the fact that I don't have upteen billion windows to alt-tab through and try keep on top (TorpArse).

However, I am curious about the possibility of the abilities to,
One: be able to clip a parse within the combat log section to specific time increments.

Two: to upload, with a button in-program because some of my guildies are lazy, to a socially accessible site for submission and review for DPS/HPS/Progression Leaderboards.

Three: to have a list of users currently connected to a Raid Group, either through another tab, through a pop-out, or both, to make sure that everyone is connected properly prior to the pull.

Even without these three things, I am very, very excited to test and use this program, and hope to see the power of open source crush all competition!