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Yeah that are sort of non answers. I'll have to break it down more when I get time.

Generally, though, our main complaint is we can't be purely good at anything when that is what the game demands from us at the top level. When we are dps spec, we want to DPS. It's the healers job to keep us alive when we get hurt from mechanics. If we waste time healing ourselves then we miss the enrage time.

Saying we can't compare ourselves to other DPS classes is ridiculous. Those are the people we need to compete with to get into raids. If they can mitigate more damage than us while putting out more, who would you bring into the raid?
Logic need not apply; Bioware knows best now shut up and eat your cake! Sorry you guys seemed to have wasted your time on this. Honestly, I didn't think it would turn out any other way though. Bioware seem to be the only people in the entire community who lack any sort of common sense. As I think Psi put it, we won't even need to bother going to competitive arena with the current state of PTs as there won't be a slot for us. Exactly what you are talking about. They don't have a clue how their own game works.

Let's take a case in point. There is/was some ridiculous bug on the same level as rollbang, if not rollbang, though I don't recall the specifics. They recently were quoted saying they were unaware it was even happening yet there are posts all over about it. I actually think it was rollbang. They have no clue what actually happens in this game and God forbid they should actually touch us as given their track record, 2.0 aside as every rule has an exception, we will come out worse than ever.
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