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08.23.2013 , 12:30 PM | #34
Very nice work, look forward to trying this out in raid. I really like the filters on the log, and the clear markings on the popouts for resizing. And stylistically, it looks great!

I do have a few suggestions:

1. Raid setup could be simpler. The restriction of only alphanumeric characters for raid name seems unnecessary. Spaces and other common characters [-,.:;@] should be allowed there.

But really what I would like is a button to "Create Raid" that generates a random raid key (say 6 alphanumeric characters) that I can share with the rest of the team. The password to join or delete the group should be optional. When joining a raid, you can have an option to attach a description of the group that is stored locally, in case someone actually wants to parse in more than one raid group.

2. I haven't seen the other popouts, but for the Statistics Overview, I'd rather not have every line spelled out:
Combat Time -> Time
Damage Dealt -> Dmg/DPS
Healing Done -> Heals/HPS
Effective Healing -> Eff Heal
Damage Taken -> You Suck (or maybe Dmg Taken)
Healing Received -> You Fail (or maybe Heal Recd)
Threat -> Threat/TPS

3. Some on/off customization of the Stats popout for what to display there would be nice. For example, I find Threat/TPS to be useless for most fights as DPS, because it doesn't distinguish mobs. It has yet to tell me anything useful as in "you should threat dump now". I can see it for tanks that are trying to maximize their TPS, but for most other classes, it's pointless. So having an option to turn it off would be nice.

Conversely, my slinger's DPS is very tightly correlated to my actions-per-minute (APM), so being able to show APM would be great.