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"The Jawa Shaman has been killed and a dummy put in its place," Ignite reported to Lord Berow. The Sith Lord gave a small sigh of relief and offered a tiny smirk.
"Well done," she congratulated. "Now none will be wiser to the truth of those wretched creatures."
Ignite shrugged and accepted the sum of credits, departing out the door and heading for the cantina in Mos Ila to relax for a moment. Along the way he noted Khem Val, his Dashade slave, approaching and slowed his pace as the hulking beast approached.
"Master, I grow tired of waiting and hunger." He said in deep reverberating tone that would chill the blood of any non-Sith.
"Good to see you, Khem," Ignite nodded and beckoned the Dashade to follow. I was on my way to the cantina to grab a drink, care to join me?"
"Do I have a choice?"
Ignite paused. "Not really, no."
"Then I obey. For now."
"Still thinking about the day you'll devour me?"
"I was the Conqueror of the battlefields of Yn and Chabosh, servant to Tulak Hord. My strength grows with every Force-user I devour. Soon I shall have the strength to--"
"Yes yes," Ignite waved off the rant. "Devour me and whatnot."
"Tulak Hord usually let me finish." Khem stated, disappointment evident in his tone.
"I'm not Tulak Hord," Ignite reminded the Dashade.
The two entered the cantina to find it sparsely populated and took a seat at an empty table. Ignite exhaled and welcomed the cool air and shade until his reprieve was interrupted by a dark-skinned man who plopped down beside the Sith.
"Khem, do you eat non-Force users?" Ignite inquired.
Khem stared at the man blankly before blinking. "No."
"Should've let you finish," Ignite mumbled under his breath. He regarded the man who was giving him a hard stare that would warrant a painful death on any other occasion; however Ignite was simply too tired to be bothered with frying the imbecile and, secretly, impressed with his boldness. "Greetings."
"What's a Sith doing on Tatooine?" The man sat back and moved his gaze to the Dashade who growled.
"Sith stuff," Ignite stated blandly.
"Well I have a proposition for you, Sith," the man leaned forward. "One I think you may like."
"My name is Andronikos Revel," the man introduced himself and held out his hand which Ignite pointedly ignored. "I'm a Pirate captain, or was, until my crew mutinied on me. I've hunted down every single member of that crew except for one: my first mate Syles Wilkes."
"Fascinating," Ignite downed a glass of water and waved for another.
"Here's the good part," Andronikos promised. "I've finally tracked down Syles to this planet, and need help collapsing the net I've woven around him. You're new in town, and a Sith, so I think we'll make a good team."
"I still don't see what the benefit of this partnership is for myself."
"We were smuggling Sith artifacts; knowing Syles, he'll have them all nearby stashed away. Sith go crazy over those things, so don't try to tell me you're any different."
Ignite furrowed his brow, his lekku twitching as he thought. Coming to a swift decision he nodded at Khem and stood. "You've got my attention, Pirate."
"Glad to hear it!" Andronikos exclaimed, standing and clapping the Sith on the shoulder. "Here's what I'll need you to do..."

Reminiscence: Master stated I was to track down and acquire an artifact, but he failed to specify which he desired: the Czerka or Tulak Hord artifact.
"We can find both for Boss!" Pipsy waved her hands and bounced on her heels excitedly. "Pipsy know where Czerka base is. We go. Many many droids."
Admission: This unit does not know where to begin, so I will follow your lead. Threat: Do not think to trick me, Pipsqueak, or I shall liquidate you.
"No tricks. Many droids. Lots to kill. You like."
Acknowledgement: My reciprocator buzzes at the thought of eclipsing Master's kill count even further. Lead on.
"That not make reciprocator buzz. That sand!"
Denial: Do not think you know the intricacies of my chassis, Pipsqueak.
"Pipsy improve droid for Boss! Make better! Add shields and better targeting system!"
Indignant Reply: This unit does not need upgra--Intrigued Query: Shields?
"Yes, Pipsy need few things, but Pipsy make."
HK was silent as his scanners picked up a life form behind the sand dune they were approaching. He flicked the safety off his blaster and the thrill of the hunt passed through his circuitry as his scanners identified the life form.
Elated statement: There is a meatbag that I can eliminate ahead.
"We go around dune then," Pipsy began tugging uselessly at HK's leg. The Droid walked forward, taking Pipsy with him; the Jawa latched onto his leg in confusion.
HK crested the hill and immediately fired several shots at the life form below. The meatbag, a Jedi, immediately ignited his lightsaber and deflected the bolts, charging up the hill as HK continued to fire while Pipsy clung to his leg in terror.
Statement: You're already dead, just lie down!
The Jedi, having recovered from his initial surprise, approached more slowly upon seeing it was a singular droid. He continued to deflect the shots with relative ease, frustrating HK further and further.
Prognosis: Obviously this unit is suffering from decreased efficiency due to sand. Lament: Why did Master bring me to this planet?
"I fix!" Pipsy declared, immediately attempting to pry open the thigh plating of HK. The Droid, remembering the Jawa, snatched her by the collar. Pipsy gave a squeak before she felt herself flying through the air in the direction of the Jedi who, seeing a Jawa, deactivated his lightsaber as Pipsy crashed into him. HK fired once and the Jedi fell to the ground with Pipsy atop him.
The Jawa babbled incoherently for several moments before finally untangling herself and charging HK who ignored the nuisance and fired one more shot at the Jedi, ensuring he was dead. Satisfied, the droid pried the Jedi's weapon loose and turned to regard a furious Pipsy.
"Boss say no hurt Pipsy!"
Statement: I did not hurt you.
"Droid threw Pipsy at scary man!"
HK shrugged.
"Scary man could have killed Pipsy!"
Hopeful reply: If only.
"Pipsy--" The Jawa paused as HK dropped the lightsaber into her hand.
Musings: If the Pipsqueak is to be Master's apprentice, then she will need a weapon.
Pipsy examined the weapon in fascination, jabbering to herself as she attempted to pick it apart. HK began walking once more and the Jawa followed, not really paying attention.
Warning: Do not point that thing at me, Pipsqueak.
"Pipsy not stupid! Know how to--" She squeaked as the lightsaber suddenly activated just above her head, causing her to fall onto her back. "Pretty!" She pointed at the cyan blade.
HK shook his head. Personal Note: This unit calculates the lifespan of the Pipsqueak to be one month two days three hours. If she does not liquidate herself, then Master surely will during training, albeit accidentally.
Pipsy swung the lightsaber around, completely oblivious to the droid's declaration.
Command: There is a mission to complete, meatbag. Lead on.
The Jawa deactivated the lightsaber and dropped it into the nearest pouch hanging off her robes, patting it and releasing a satisfied, "Utinni!" She hurried alongside the droid and pointed.
"That way. Droid nice! Give Pipsy pretty weapon. Pipsy forgive droid for throwing. Upgrade with shields when we get back. Good shields."
Admission: I look forward to these upgrades, assuming they work.