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I'm still at work so obviously can't test it. Will try it out later tonight. What are some benefits going on for Parsec that makes it favorable over MoX or torparse?

For example people would switch to torparse from mox because.. well torparse UI looks cool in-game, also i heard it's great for healers since it shows HPS (sometime mox doesn't(?)).

Some people would go for mox instead of torparse because the UI is easy to use. There are tabs you can browse through to see what killed you, how much damage you did, or you take in one easy click.

How about Parsec?
Mox and TorParse are both great programs with strengths and weaknesses. The main factor pushing me to develop my own was the thought of losing Torparse's excellent Human Readable combat log. While mox has one (which I encouraged him to add btw ), it is not nearly as awesome as Torparse's. PARSEC takes this concept to the next level by adding filtering and keyword find and highlight functionality. This allows you to show only incoming damage or only outgoing heals or any combination of filters you can come up with. Not to mention it gives you the capability to filter based on keywords.

So for example you could filter a log for all occurrence of "Master Strike" and see just your master strike hits. That's cool right? But what if you want to see Master Strike hits in context with the rest of the log? You can use the Find feature to highlight the term "Master Strike". Then you can cycle to each instance of the word just like you would search in a web page for a term.

This is just my favorite feature in PARSEC. My guild mates (and alpha testers) have mentioned that they love the pop out styles and how they match the SWTOR look and feel, and the healers love the Efficiency calculations that are done to show EHPS and Efficiency %.