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Well, it says "major update since 2.0" so I kind of assumed it was going to be udpated.

The proc makes so it resets Takedown cd and you are able to use on targets regardless of their health. As for the energy issue, that's why I'm keeping the "old" armorings for bonus set since they provide a significant reduction of Takedown's energy cost.

Currently, tooltip on my sniper shows:
Explosive probe: Energy 25, damage 4288-4395, 30 seconds cooldown
Lazed snipe: Energy 20, damage 3451-3639 (crit multiplier 67,40), 1 minute cooldown
Takedown: Energy 8, damage 4511-4757. Cooldown, well, pretty much everytime after a Cull. With both dots up, I don't remember ever not getting a proc for it.
If energy is an issue and I have to choose, I would skip EP and use Takedown if possible tbh
Sorry about any confusion, but I was talking about the lethality hybrid in that post, (and thought you did too). I won't go in to detail about full lethality but yeah, takedown all the time, and basically never EP since it's too costly without the energy refunds from cluster bombs in the engineering tree.

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