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08.22.2013 , 05:22 PM | #138
The guide was updated mainly for Lethality/Engineering Hybrid. The pre-1.7 work is still here and what i did was simply put 2.0 stuff on top of it. This may have caused some confusion. I will completely revamp slash update this thread to include only relevant 2.0+ information. Will work on it later tonight and will most likely add little extras like diagrams and pictures over the coming weeks. It should be completely reworked by tomorrow for

1) 2.0 Full Lethality and
2) 2.0 Lethality / Engineering Hybrid (Hybrid)

Note tho that BioWare IS aware of the DPS issues caused by the Hybrid build and they are actively looking to buff Full Lethality in the future so that it is more appealing to players. There is no time frame for this but my best guess would be in the next expansion is where we will see any significant Fulll Lethality changes. More info on this on the Stickied: Sniper - Top 3 Answers thread outside.
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