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08.22.2013 , 04:41 PM | #1
I am proud to announce that my combat log parser project PARSEC has moved from Alpha to Beta and is ready for general use by the raiding community.

When it was announced that TorParse was going away I decided to step up and start working on a parser myself. Since then, TorParse seems to have been saved. However, I kept working on my own because I feel it offers some great tools.

PARSEC requires .NET 4.0. It has been designed and developed by me but is published as an Open Source project.

PARSEC is a raid aware, real time combat log parser that attempts to give players the real time and post fight metrics that make them more successful.

You can find more information and download an install package here:

Here is a quick feature list if you dont feel like clicking through the link above:
  • Real Time Parsing
  • Archive Parsing
  • Human Readable Log
  • Metrics Tabs: Damage Taken Tab, Damage Dealt Tab, Threat Tab, Healing Received Tab, Healing Done Tab, Raid Tab
  • Companion Metrics
  • Pop Outs: Statistic Overview, Stat Stopwatch, Raid Heal Scoreboard, Raid Dps Scoreboard, Raid Top 5 Threat
  • Raid Group Sync