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I pretty much agree with everything said here, but just wanted to add another point that I've had to learn the hard way through tanking endgame:

It's the tank's job to pull and the DPS are supposed to wait, but as you've experienced, that's not always going to be the case. Instead of getting upset about the DPS not letting you do your job, take it as a challenge to yourself to run in and save them (*). Learning how to collect and hold aggro against the DPS is a key skill for a tank to cultivate, especially of the AOE variety. Turn them being stupid into the opportunity to learn how to play your own character better.

And hey, they still may die, despite it all. And if they do and complain, you at least can note you tried to save them, but that they ultimately died from their own stupidity, not lack of effort on your part. It turns it into less you vs. them and more them vs. themselves. :P

(*) - From my experience, it's not uncommon for the DPS to pull aggro off a tank during an Operation, or for things to go sideways due to stupid mistakes, even by experienced players. Learning how to react when things don't go 100% perfect is an invaluable skill to have in tanking endgame.
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