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lol wut im confused tfb phase 1 has no red reticle mechanics ><
shoulda editted it. meant to say any kill-move mechanic.

Quote: Originally Posted by Nibbon
And I forgot to say this in my previous message, and this is a huge caveat, what Hatred did is still very impressive. The only thing is it would have been 100x more impressive 2-3 months ago.
I'm more or less neutral about this 8-man and 16-man debate. I think the only way for people to be less bias about their "mode" is for them to try it out themselves for the next tier Operation. That means something like:

Severity vs Chosen vs Hatred vs DnT when 16-m October operation comes out.
DnT vs Hatred vs Suckafish vs Severity vs Chosen when 8-man Ocotober operation comes out.

Will Hatred clear October Operation 2 weeks after Severity has downed it in 16-man?
Or will Severity clear Ocotber Operation 2 weeks after Suckafish/Hatred/DnT downs it in 8-man?

Either way one of these guilds wouuld need to swap to their "competitor's MODE" to try to prove their point once and for all. win or lose it should be a fun race/matchup if ever this occurs.
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