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08.22.2013 , 09:03 AM | #6
Normally when I do low level group content, I really donít worry about it. I let the tank pull, but without an aggro dump, I am going to normally pull within a few seconds. This is annoying to me since I try to play correctly no matter the situation, but it is just the way it is. So while leveling my sage and bh, I just do whatever, I will let the tank pull, when/if I pull I will turn the boss away from the group. I will off heal if needed, basically I will do whatever I can for the group to win. That is all you can do in lower level group content. It should not be a free for all, but due to the lack of abilities roles are not as clearly defined, so while the team should have some coordination and everyone should follow a proper kill order, you have to remain adaptable to the situation because of the roles lack of abilities and even the groups lack of knowledge about the abilities they do have.

Once you get to a level where you have proper tank abilities and healers have proper healing abilities, if dps is pulling any and everything without you. Whisper the healer to allow the dps tank and then you both set back and watch them die. They will learn quickly to let the tank pull or you and the healer can kick them, dps is a dime a dozen.