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Had a good laugh at all your statements. Nevertheless i will answer them seriously.

The click relics were designed for thrash, they provide far better defensive stats over a short amount of time.

If you don't believe the spreadsheets, count it yourself. It's not a solution to just say "i don't believe you". Try to get into the topic yourself and count all the things yourself. But when you say: i don't have any Information about optimal migation budget and i don't believe any Information about optimal migation budget. I ask you: Why do you post in this forum then?

If you seriously think 4 dps relics will give you 30 sec less fight (about 360k dmg for a normal 72 group) you are just crazy. If you are correct i will do 180k additional damage (about 429 additional dps for lets say dg nim) with just these 2 relics (i hope you weren't serious).
And also what do you want to tell me with the paragraph, that it's nonsense to optimize your gear (why did you tell him he shall have 4 different uw tanking relics before?), or that tanking is too simple.

But yeah let's try this: whenever we die we now blame healers/dps cause it's impossible that we died from taking too much dmg it was their mistakes....
Hmm yes I was kidding about the dps relics and really I believe in one proc type and one clickable but I do appreciate your input. Thank you for the discussion