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08.21.2013 , 06:46 PM | #510
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What I said in my original post is just a heads up that you will get the silent treatment if you ask us about upcoming content, class balance, etc.
So what about suggestions and requests that have been posted on the Forums? We as a PvP community hear nothing from any Dev reguarding things that need to be reviewed.

Things like:

Additional areas to be looked at...

I just really don't know if anyone is paying attention to the forums like you are this post all day? There are a ton of things that the community has to offer as ideas that seem to be getting ignored. Can you please shed some light on what the PvP forums and suggestion forums are for?

I am thrilled to see a new HB arena and I like the idea of these WZ Arenas but I'm not totally sold on the idea...YET