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My entire guild is based on 8v8 ranked wz's . We transferred to Tomb of Freedon Nadd with a lot of other guilds so queueing for ranked would be viable again. And now you screw us over by removing the one thing I still enjoy doing from the game? That's just perfect.
I never understood why programmers remove content that is already written. So what if only a small percentage use it? The code is already written! They could have easily added 4x4 warzones and kept 8x8 as optional hard core content.

For example, you could easily have the following:
  1. Solo queue for both 4x4 and 8x8 arenas (unranked).
  2. Ranked Queue for 4x4 warzones.
  3. Ranked Queue for 8x8 warzones.

Just because a small percentage of people use it, doesn't mean it cannot be kept. What that usually means is that your hard cord supporters use it, and by removing it, you alienate your hard core supporters.
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