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08.21.2013 , 08:47 AM | #2
Use more rapid shots!

If you notice as your heat goes up the regen goes down. There are 4 arrows that when full give you max regen but go down as your heat increases.

When you arrow dips to 3 arrows, rapid shot a few times before casting again. If it gets to 2 arrows, if you can help it, continue to rapid shot until it at least gets back to 3 before using any ability that costs heat.
When the arrows dip below 2 or you're at 2 and have to use an ability that costs heat, use one of your 2 heat managing abilities at that point, followed by a long cast ability. This should get you back to 3 arrows or better.

I'm a healer so these tips might not apply so well for dps rotation, but it works quite well for me.