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My Liberator of Ilum is stuck with the double Imperial Artillery Droid. Tried killing another one and still there. Anyone have this? I also don't have any new 50's on pub side so im also stuck on getting Imperial Armsmaster til i find someone to let me in there Crystal Ball phase.
Servers are 'bout to go down so i cant post screenshots but heres what i know from memory

There are 2 imperial artillery droids one is a champion near the Main Imperial base (it roams the outside of the base and its easy to spot)
the other only spawns when you aggro a group of mobs on the outside
If memory serves me right the group of mobs in question are teh 2 little soldiers next to the medcenter droid
Again when servers are back up ill post it

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Looks like Ygnox is closing on you pretty quickly there, Swagger.
Yeah i been spending alot of time leveling and playing with a real life friend wich means less achievements >.< lol but oh well.... im not out of the race yet!

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