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Hi BenKatarn,

I am sure that others are looking to the notes for this as well. Even after Game Update 2.3.1, some players may experience a Treek who trolls by saying she has a conversation for you on the ship... even when you're on the ship. Not every Treek does this, though, so it was a slippery one to nail down. Nonetheless, this is a very high priority bug for us that was originally planned to be in this deploy. Unfortunately, during testing we discovered it to not be fully fixed, so we weren't able to get it it into this patch. The new goal will be to get it fixed for the very next patch.
Any word on her armor? She current comes with two identical sets of Level 10 armor. Shouldn't one of them be like Level 50 or so? Or at least have SOME variation between the two sets? Right now, it's two absolutely identical sets, both at level 10 (one she has on, the other comes in the box). For reference, this was on a Treek that was bought for credits, with Legacy level 40, by a level 55 Smuggler.