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08.20.2013 , 03:43 PM | #105
A few relevant updates from the patch that is dropping tonight:

- Increased the reward to 20 Cartel Coins for the “Big Time” Achievement gained by earning Social 10 .
- The Sand People Flayer is no longer required to obtain the "Champion of Tatooine" Achievement.
- The SIS Watchman is no longer required to obtain the "Tyrant of Ilum!" Achievement.
That should make the Campion of Tatooine finally available for that planet, and also Tyrant of Ilum, and by extension Ilum's Most Wanted/Ilum Conquest (assuming that more of the listed NPCs there aren't missing). Not sure if the Big Time achievement reward increase is retroactive or not.

Looks like Ygnox is closing on you pretty quickly there, Swagger.