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I accepted the mission by two characters. One finished that successfully, another been stuck on task "Travel to the CZ-198 Facility Terminal". Abandoned, reseted, relog nothing helped. Now stand near the marker an dont know what to do. Didn't make a request to the Customer Service cause it only offer support for class story missions.
Anybody had similar problem?
First you delete the file : DiskCacheArena that is found in your swtor folder then follow these steps :

1. Abandon quest
2. Restart SWTOR
3. Take quest from the droid on the fleet
4. Go to the transportvessel (use quick travel if you got that one)
5. Speak to the marked quest npc and complete first step of quest
6. Go to your ship,
7. Fly to CZ-198
8. Go to the reputation vendor
9. Quest updates.

Follow these steps, if this still bugs out for you then it is a major bug and customer service should be interested to investigate it