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The alt thing makes sense but I generally only played 2 hours a night and still completed it.

I don't understand why people argue that the focus should be on the casual player. The causal player is the least likely to spend extra money on the CM and the most likely to quit the game when they get bored/busy/something new comes along. It seems to me focus on keeping the hardcore happy (at least with amount of content) and the casual will have so much to choose from they will be happy as well.
I disagree, in that it will never be possible to keep the most hardcore gamers happy with enough content, and that they are in fact the ones more likely to jump ship when the next game comes along.

I think it was important to BW to get the ball rolling on the BBA, and in time, they can always add more bounties, or have a completely different slate of bounties that come up each time it repeats. (I don't know if they will completely cycle them or not, but I hope they do)


Casual gamers are much less likely to get bent out of shape over changes to the game or perceived lack of content and ragequit the game. They tend to take things in stride and better realize "it's just a game". I enjoy progression raids with my guild, but still consider myself to be a fairly casual gamer. I don't see myself leaving SWTOR unless they were to shut the game down or some unforseen drastic events occur in my life.