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08.20.2013 , 09:29 AM | #5
While I would like to see them add more bounties in the future, I would disagree that it was "easy" for everyone to finish everything in this event in one go.

If you have 6+ alts, and ran the event every day on each one of them, then yes, it was easy to max out. However, the more casual player who only has enough time to play 2 hours or less per night, and/or doesn't have more than 4 toons would find it difficult to finish all the bounties and achievements.

I feel like it was a good amount of content for the event to have the first time. I think the bounty event is more easily scalable, in that they can simply add more bounties for each planet, or include new planets. The Gree event has its own designated area, and as such, I believe it would take more work to add new missions.

I would like to see more reoccurring events in the future as well. Having a one time event that happens to be when you are unable to play for a week really sucks. Setting things up to be reoccurring from the beginning is great, IMO.